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The Whiskey A Go Go

You read that right brigade, we will be playing the world famous Whiskey A Go Go on January 25th. Email us at for further details and ticket prices!

Official Release of “TRIFECTA!!!!!!”

Hey there o’ ye faithful members of the brigade!!! Exciting news!!! We have (at long last)finally officially released our new EP “Trifecta”.This will be a limited edition version featuring our Bonus Track “Filth”. For this week and this week only the record will be avaiable¬† free for download, all that’s required is to join our mailing list. Also, just to make things a little more fun and bring you all a touch closer to the nucleus of our constantly eveolving sound we are making our first EP “Front Row At The Apocalypse” free as well with no extra catch.So please feel free to lose yourselves in these songs and share them with your friends! Tell em to join the ranks of The Brigade and sign up for mailing list today! We thank you for all your support.Please enjoy our long awaited labor of love.
Mike Vox/Guitar

“Beers and Bullshit” Podcast Episode

Check out our episode on the “Beers and Bullshit” podcast show on Indie Music Lives here.

Heres the link:


Hey all, we have had a very productive couple of days, we just finished a photo shoot today. Stay tuned for new photos in our gallery.

On indie100 and

You heard it right we had an awesome radio interview with Jason Hadley of If you guys missed the interview don’t fret we will have it up on our YouTube channel soon for you listening pleasure.

Trifecta complete!!!

You read it right, we have successfully completed our new EP Trifecta, with our official release slated in June, check out our music player and listen to the two songs “Drowning” and “Fat Boy Treats” as a sampler of what’s to come on the release!